VoIP Business Communications in the Education Sector

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Academia runs on a network of businesses, each functioning within an interdependent system.  On the university level especially, steady and efficient communication is essential to maintaining a symbiotic dynamic.  Although today’s communication technology seems centered around the web, there is still a pressing need for effective phone services to provide customer support.

But, before you select a provider, it’s important to understand the scope of your business needs.  Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers a host of new opportunities for communications officers to network their contacts and tighten the focus of their interactions.

Tutoring Services

On-call tutoring services are springing up all over the place for students in a last-minute crunch.  Late night study sessions, coupled with early morning deadlines created quite the demand for off-hours guidance.  Tutors must be available around the clock, and here was a time when that would require a 24 hour call center.  Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore.

VoIP allows students to network with tutors at any time a day, anywhere in the world.  And for those who would prefer to talk to someone over the phone, online service providers offer the same benefits.  Calls can be routed to any phone or call center under your plan with “follow the sun” call routing.  That means, if a student is calling at midnight in New York, their call can be automatically be forward to an available tutor in Hawaii, or whatever time zone is most convenient.

Exam Prep and Scheduling

For students without access to personal computers rf the internet, it is important that schools and universities offer exam preparations resources over the phone.  Whether students need information on upcoming study sessions or an appointment for a testing lab, telephone services need to be available for them.

Since this is merely a process of matching students to time slots and special accommodations would be rare, there’s no need to dedicate a whole team of operators or a PBX system to this task.  With a VoIP service, you route callers through a directory of automated messages and options.  The system itself will do all the work for you, while you focus your human resources on more pressing matters.

Publishers and Book Stores

Publishing companies are a driving force in the education sector.  They often make or break a professor’s chances at tenure.  Additionally, they play the a major role in negotiating what books will be taught and how much they will cost.   This requires active information exchange between a number of  separate parties, including:

  • Professors
  • Publishers
  • Literary agents
  • Department chairs
  • Provosts,
  • Distributors
  • Marketers

It’s a tedious process for everyone involved, unless you have seamless channels for communication.

VoIP services provide maximum scalability, allowing you to forward calls to appropriate parties with just a few buttons.  All call traffic can be managed through an online control system, making it easy t to navigate intricate networks of contacts and business partners.

Student Loans

These days, one of the most stress-inducing aspects of getting an education is finding a means to finance it.  As dynamic as the economy can be, students and parents of students need to be assured that their fiscal well-being is in good hands.  Student loan companies must present  themselves as accessible and trustworthy to their clients.

Using a VoIP virtual number, international companies can receive toll free call from customers all over the world.  Companies can get a local number in whatever region they need to focus their business, and then forward that number to a call center, office phone, or cell phone.  That way, customers can keep up to date with their loans and companies don’t have to waste a fortune on land lines.

Building A Virtual Network

The best part about switching over to a VoIP telephone service is that once you’re set up, expanding your service is as simple as changing your forwarding settings.  There’s no need to go through the hassle of queueing with multinational telecommunications companies, or filling your workspace with all of the usual equipment.  VoIP systems are essential in making the academic experience a positive one for students, educators, and businessmen alike.