Toll Free Number

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A Beginner’s Guide to a Toll Free Number

So what exactly is a toll free number, anyway? It’s a call that costs absolutely nothing to the person dialing it. The party being called picks up the charges. In the United States, it can also be referred to as an 800 number. 855, 866, 877, and 888 are other prefixes available in the US. This service is known by different names in other countries such as freephone and freecall. Throughout the world, many companies use a toll free number to market themselves, but sometimes use a different prefix. Common usages of the toll free number include billboards, brochures, emails, enewlsetters, online ads, radio spots, sales sheets, social media posts, TV ads, vehicle wraps, and websites.

Toll Free Number – a Brief History

When you think about the 1960s a lot of milestones come immediately to mind. It was also when the toll free number first came into prominence. Even though it eventually had a huge impact on businesses, the toll free number originally appeared modestly enough in 1960 in the UK General Post Office. It wasn’t available in the US until 1967, when AT&T introduced the service as an alternative to collect calls. At first, a toll free number was too costly for all but a few catalog sales companies. In 1984, the landscape shifted with the breakup of AT&T and increased competition. Companies revved up the usage of a toll free USA number in everything from infomercials and TV ads to company names and websites.

How Do You Use a Virtual Toll Free Number?

A virtual toll free number allows you to forward telephone calls to any location of your choice. This concept works no matter if your business wants to forward calls to a US number, Canada number, or other international number. If your company is small, you may want to forward your toll free number to a mobile phone or home office line. If you work for a multinational company, you can send calls from your 1800 number to a central location to save on the costs of renting multiple facilities or hiring staff in multiple locales. Consider using a toll free number in all of your sales and marketing activities for consistency. Please note that multiple 800 numbers can be used to test different promotions.

A Toll Free Number Makes Your Brand Stand Out to Customers

One of the great things about getting a toll free number is what it means to your customers. When they dial 1800 numbers they automatically view you as a credible company with a national or international presence. When you use a toll free number it minimizes obstacles for potential customers contacting you – they don’t want to have to dial a number with a strange prefix or an international number.