Are Education Institutions Making the Best of VoIP Phone Capabilities?

Educational institutions are one of many types of organizations that can benefit greatly from VoIP phone capabilities and technology. Some schools are taking great advantage of these benefits, allowing others to follow their lead. In two case studies discussed below, two schools saved a great deal of money by implementing VoIP which was then able to be routed back into the school’s programs, scholarships, and infrastructure. Case Study 1: University of Pennsylvania Overview: The University … [Read more...]

Measures of Student Retention: Using a Virtual Line

The Problem Although high school dropout rates have decreased over the last decade, the chances of a dropout earning a living wage are decreasing even more rapidly.  Additionally, this social epidemic has shown to perpetuate poverty, not just for the individual, but for families and communities as a whole.  There is a heavy burden on the school systems to try and rectify these unfortunate statistics, and by and large, the educational sector is stepping up to the plate. A proposed plan by the … [Read more...]

VoIP Business Communications in the Education Sector

Academia runs on a network of businesses, each functioning within an interdependent system.  On the university level especially, steady and efficient communication is essential to maintaining a symbiotic dynamic.  Although today’s communication technology seems centered around the web, there is still a pressing need for effective phone services to provide customer support. But, before you select a provider, it’s important to understand the scope of your business needs.  Voice-over Internet … [Read more...]