Measures of Student Retention: Using a Virtual Line

The Problem Although high school dropout rates have decreased over the last decade, the chances of a dropout earning a living wage are decreasing even more rapidly.  Additionally, this social epidemic has shown to perpetuate poverty, not just for the individual, but for families and communities as a whole.  There is a heavy burden on the school systems to try and rectify these unfortunate statistics, and by and large, the educational sector is stepping up to the plate. A proposed plan by the … [Read more...]

VoIP Business Communications in the Education Sector

Academia runs on a network of businesses, each functioning within an interdependent system.  On the university level especially, steady and efficient communication is essential to maintaining a symbiotic dynamic.  Although today’s communication technology seems centered around the web, there is still a pressing need for effective phone services to provide customer support. But, before you select a provider, it’s important to understand the scope of your business needs.  Voice-over Internet … [Read more...]

University Development: How Toll Free Connections Secure Development Funds

Building a Network Universities pride themselves upon building communities, not just amongst current students, but with alumni.  They key to this relationship is the one-on-one engagement between current students and staff with prospective students and alumni. But maintaining this connection isn’t a simple task, especially as students come and go from all parts of the world.  It’s easy to manage relationships with an on-campus student body, but after graduation, it’s in everyone’s best … [Read more...]