To Infinity & Beyond: Moving Your Business Forward with 1800 Phone Numbers

In a world with so many different options for communication, choosing the right medium to connect with your customers can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking into VoIP, mobile or 1800 phone numbers, it’s clear that times have changed and consumers are now interacting with businesses in several different ways. With access to all of these alternative choices, you might think that going with a more modern opportunity makes the most sense, but that’s not the case. In reality, 1800 phone … [Read more...]

Mobile Calling: Why 1 800 Phone Numbers Aren’t Going Anywhere

With the changes in technology, there are some who question whether 800 numbers are relevant anymore. As cell phones and other calling plans limit or eliminate the cost of calling long distance, many say that 1 800 phone numbers will soon become useless and no longer justify the cost. However, with the number of toll-free prefixes expanding due to demand, it seems that businesses see things differently. Those who proclaim the demise of 800 numbers often point out that toll-free calling doesn’t … [Read more...]