8 Questions to Ask About 1800 Number Availability

Toll free telephone numbers have been a catalyst for business growth since they were first introduced in the late 1960’s. With popularity comes misinformation and misconception, however, and thanks to conflicting information floating around the internet, many businesses owners still have questions about 1-800 number availability and feasibility. Let’s take a look at eight questions a business owner should ask about 1-800 number availability before signing a contract: Toll free service … [Read more...]

10 Most Overlooked Toll Free Markets in the Global Economy

As the economy turns to a perpetual weave of interconnected regions, rather than individual countries, the global economy has gone from a novel concept to a true reality. One country’s prosperity makes others rich, and one region’s economic downturn affects the world. Hence, the best way to mitigate risk is to reach out new avenues. Establishing relationships in multiple areas ensures a steady revenue stream, so here are the 10 most overlooked toll free markets in the global … [Read more...]

Communication 2.0: How to Become a Pro at Internet Based Phone Systems

Modern telephone systems have changed the way we communicate. We no longer rely on outdated technology to contact each other, as we now send messages and make calls via packets of data over the internet. While it might seem like the act of making a phone call hasn’t changed much, the reality is that internet based phone systems represent an evolutionary change in telecommunication as we know it. Thanks to this revolutionary new technology, prices have gone down and innovation is on the rise. But … [Read more...]

The Best Voice Over Technology: Building Your Brand One Call at a Time

Although you may think of voice over technology simply as a cheaper form of telecommunication, there are actually many benefits to the service that have absolutely nothing to do with cost. After all, the best voice over technology uses the internet to connect calls, giving your company access to several different features that can actually have a very positive effect on your brand. How can a few features improve the image of your brand? By giving callers the comfort of dealing with a … [Read more...]