What Number Is Better For My Business? Virtual Local Numbers vs 1-800 Toll Free Numbers

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As you consider making the switch to a virtual phone number, there is one major difference to keep in mind. You have the ability to choose either a virtual local number, or a 1-800 toll free number. Both are good, but they each mean different things for your business. By taking a look at your company and how you want to be portrayed, you can better determine which number is ideal for you.

A virtual number is the simplest way to extend the reach of your business without adding brick and mortar locations or staffing up in other locations. Small business owners with a virtual number immediately gain national or international reach, and those who work for a larger corporation can forward the calls they receive through their virtual number to a customer care center.

What is the Difference?

Virtual local numbers and toll free numbers may seem similar, but in reality, they both provide a different image for your business. Perhaps you run your business in a fairly small town and offer a service that is not necessarily useful for those who do not live near you. Maybe you have been up and running for quite some time, yet you don’t have the resources to expand and take on a flood of new business. If this is the case, then a virtual local number is likely your best option.

Virtual local numbers are perfect for “brick and mortar” locations. They help establish a physical presence and are great for targeting specific regions. If the business you conduct is mostly walk-in, then a local number will better serve your customers.

However, for business owners with a large corporation, or those who offer services that can be used around the world, then a toll free number is exactly what you want. It gives you national coverage within the country, does not charge your callers, and gives off the impression of established credibility. Toll free numbers are also portable, meaning that they can move with your company and don’t require you to implement a whole new phone system should you relocate.

Toll free numbers raise customer satisfaction, as they can call your business anytime, anywhere. Because having a toll free number increases your credibility, this translates to more sales. Customers want a company that they can trust – having a 1-800 number provides that for them.

Increase Business By Going Toll Free

In the end, it’s all about what is best for your business. However, in most cases, a toll free, 1-800 number is what will take your company from good to outstanding. If you’re considering making the switch, there has never been a better time to do so.