10 Most Overlooked Toll Free Markets in the Global Economy

As the economy turns to a perpetual weave of interconnected regions, rather than individual countries, the global economy has gone from a novel concept to a true reality. One country’s prosperity makes others rich, and one region’s economic downturn affects the world. Hence, the best way to mitigate risk is to reach out new avenues. Establishing relationships in multiple areas ensures a steady revenue stream, so here are the 10 most overlooked toll free markets in the global … [Read more...]

“Hello, Operator?” How the Virtual Switchboard Has Transformed Business Communications

In the early days of switchboards, every call had to be manually connected by an operator. Even today, one can reach an operator by pressing “0” – however, operators have slowly been replaced by virtual technology. Despite the slow transition over several decades, a virtual PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, has more capability now than an operator has. Virtual PBXs have a vast and diverse amount of options as far as call routing, call forwarding, ease of use, flexibility, and … [Read more...]

When Social Networks and Virtual Reality Collide: What Kind of Future Should We Prepare Ourselves For?

When social media first began to gain the momentous popularity that it enjoys today, the psychologists trumpeted the dangers. Words like “alienation,” “narcissism,” and “ withdrawal” popped up in the headlines. They cautioned us, but we steamrolled ahead, and now our path has lead us on a collision course with the kind of reality that once only existed in science fiction. Social networks and virtual reality are joining forces, and it could permanently shift the way in which humans perceive and … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Improve Facebook Engagement with Social Media Games

In today’s virtual world of social media, online content and the internet, brand-building and corporate image has morphed into an entirely new arena. Demographically chosen radio commercials have been replaced by targeted banner ads using cookies and online content, and television ads have been replaced by… Games? Yes, games. Facebook games like Mafia Wars, Farmville and Candy Crush have generated obscene amounts of revenue, but for companies not concerned with generating revenues via … [Read more...]