How to use a SIP Phone with Google Voice

Google Voice is a great service that allows users to receive a free phone number and easily send or receive calls through the Google Gmail program. However, many users are looking to expand the service’s range, and make calls using their VoIP phones and internet service. Google is not a telephone company, however, so Google Voice calls are typically routed through existing landline or cellphone plans. Fortunately, there are ways to use Google Voice with VoIP calling. What to Avoid There are … [Read more...]

Mobile Calling: Why 1 800 Phone Numbers Aren’t Going Anywhere

With the changes in technology, there are some who question whether 800 numbers are relevant anymore. As cell phones and other calling plans limit or eliminate the cost of calling long distance, many say that 1 800 phone numbers will soon become useless and no longer justify the cost. However, with the number of toll-free prefixes expanding due to demand, it seems that businesses see things differently. Those who proclaim the demise of 800 numbers often point out that toll-free calling doesn’t … [Read more...]

Are Education Institutions Making the Best of VoIP Phone Capabilities?

Educational institutions are one of many types of organizations that can benefit greatly from VoIP phone capabilities and technology. Some schools are taking great advantage of these benefits, allowing others to follow their lead. In two case studies discussed below, two schools saved a great deal of money by implementing VoIP which was then able to be routed back into the school’s programs, scholarships, and infrastructure. Case Study 1: University of Pennsylvania Overview: The University … [Read more...]

The Social Video Starter Guide

Since the rise of internet media, social engagement has been a cornerstone for the marketing strategies of businesses across the board.  As technology continues to move forward and new media takes precedence, more and more online content is being delivered in the form of video and audio. But creating the content is just the first step.  You also have to best social video platform to host your content and reach your target audience. Three years ago YouTube, as the largest and most recognized … [Read more...]