Online Education Institutions: Resources for the Virtual Office and Classroom

If you want your accredited online university to draw in a larger demographic, you will have to optimize the resources you have available.   offers a new kind of opportunity for people who can’t afford to relocate to a college campus.  But, these institutions still face a number of challenges, lacking the resources and funding of major public and private universities like Harvard, Stanford, or Northwestern.  How can schools like University or Phoenix or DeVry market to their own respective … [Read more...]

VoIP Business Communications in the Education Sector

Academia runs on a network of businesses, each functioning within an interdependent system.  On the university level especially, steady and efficient communication is essential to maintaining a symbiotic dynamic.  Although today’s communication technology seems centered around the web, there is still a pressing need for effective phone services to provide customer support. But, before you select a provider, it’s important to understand the scope of your business needs.  Voice-over Internet … [Read more...]

University Development: How Toll Free Connections Secure Development Funds

Building a Network Universities pride themselves upon building communities, not just amongst current students, but with alumni.  They key to this relationship is the one-on-one engagement between current students and staff with prospective students and alumni. But maintaining this connection isn’t a simple task, especially as students come and go from all parts of the world.  It’s easy to manage relationships with an on-campus student body, but after graduation, it’s in everyone’s best … [Read more...]

Do 1-800 Numbers Truly Matter for Your Business?

It’s safe to say that all business owners want their company to succeed. Desires for growth and expansion are what drive an idea forward, and to do this, it is necessary to stand out from the rest of the pack. However, beyond the basics, what can you really do to make your business thrive? While local businesses do hold a certain level of appeal, time has shown that customers tend to trust companies with a more professional image - those with established credibility. And one of the biggest ways … [Read more...]