Do 1-800 Numbers Truly Matter for Your Business?

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It’s safe to say that all business owners want their company to succeed. Desires for growth and expansion are what drive an idea forward, and to do this, it is necessary to stand out from the rest of the pack. However, beyond the basics, what can you really do to make your business thrive?

While local businesses do hold a certain level of appeal, time has shown that customers tend to trust companies with a more professional image – those with established credibility. And one of the biggest ways to do this is through the use of a 1-800 number. The benefits of 1-800 numbers are numerous, but determining what they can do for your business is only possible with a look back at history.

How Did the 1-800 Number Become So Popular?

Almost five decades ago, in 1967, AT&T released the first 1-800 number to its customers. Unbeknownst to many, it would soon become the cornerstone for businesses across the globe. The original purpose for the 1-800 number was simple – AT&T operators needed a way to manage their long queue of collect calls. Beyond that, 1-800 numbers did not immediately take off. Due to the cost of obtaining a 1-800 number, many businesses simply did not have the means to do so. But in 1984, all that changed.

With the divestiture of AT&T, toll free numbers became a free way for businesses to market themselves. The rest, as they say, is history. 1-800 numbers were featured on TV commercials, radio jingles, and even in the names of some companies.

What Are Virtual 1-800 Numbers?

1-800 virtual numbers combine two of a business’s favorite things – flexibility and cost savings. Not only that, they also greatly improve customer satisfaction. The question, of course, is how?

Perhaps a company is based in Mexico, but offer a service that could be valuable worldwide. Marketing themselves with a phone number inherent to Mexico decreases the likelihood of international business, because most people just won’t be comfortable using a company whom they have never heard of and doesn’t even have a regular business number.

Enter a 1-800 number. Instantly, you increase credibility and establish a more professional image. This number gets its calls forwarded back to Mexico, or wherever you are located. Small businesses can forward a 1-800 number to their home or mobile phone and larger businesses may find it advantageous to connect their 1-800 number to a central phone bank, thus minimizing costs and maximizing quality control.

1-800 numbers can even be plugged into several other features, such as call recording, fax and voicemail to email, SIP (VoIP) forwarding, and call transfer. The possibilities are endless!

What Are You Waiting For?

1-800 numbers are the key to seeing your business soar. No other addition will provide as many benefits – getting a number is free, customers are not charged at any time when calling, and you instantly increase the level of trust that comes from your business. In the end, that’s what it is all about.