Social Media vs. Call Centers: Which One Offers Superior Customer Service?

A study conducted by Forrester Research recently revealed that consumers are utilizing social media more frequently for their customer service needs, but only 33 percent of organizations in the US and UK are putting any significant effort into social media customer service. This disconnect is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many consumers who prefer (and expect) to interact with companies on social media platforms. As consumers begin to force the issue, it’s left many organizations … [Read more...]

8 Questions to Ask About 1800 Number Availability

Toll free telephone numbers have been a catalyst for business growth since they were first introduced in the late 1960’s. With popularity comes misinformation and misconception, however, and thanks to conflicting information floating around the internet, many businesses owners still have questions about 1-800 number availability and feasibility. Let’s take a look at eight questions a business owner should ask about 1-800 number availability before signing a contract: Toll free service … [Read more...]

10 Most Overlooked Toll Free Markets in the Global Economy

As the economy turns to a perpetual weave of interconnected regions, rather than individual countries, the global economy has gone from a novel concept to a true reality. One country’s prosperity makes others rich, and one region’s economic downturn affects the world. Hence, the best way to mitigate risk is to reach out new avenues. Establishing relationships in multiple areas ensures a steady revenue stream, so here are the 10 most overlooked toll free markets in the global … [Read more...]

“Hello, Operator?” How the Virtual Switchboard Has Transformed Business Communications

In the early days of switchboards, every call had to be manually connected by an operator. Even today, one can reach an operator by pressing “0” – however, operators have slowly been replaced by virtual technology. Despite the slow transition over several decades, a virtual PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, has more capability now than an operator has. Virtual PBXs have a vast and diverse amount of options as far as call routing, call forwarding, ease of use, flexibility, and … [Read more...]